Training for Fun / Training to Win!

It is very important, before you start any agility training to first have good Agility Foundation Skills. This helps prevent injury by gradually developing your dogs skills which will be used to negotiate the equipment.

For dogs that can negotiate all the obstacles and put them together over a course, I offer 1 to 1 Agility Club Training in County Durham, to work on specific issues or just to have an intensive training session with your dog. All equipment is rubber coated and competition standard. Please click here to fill in the contact us form to request this service.

nell on peanut

I offer 1 to 1 Agility Foundation Training for dogs new to agility for all ages from puppy to the older dog. During these sessions some of the many skills you will cover are:-

  • Recalls
  • Motivation and drive
  • Impulse control
  • Proprioception and body awareness skills
  • Start line behaviour
  • Shadow handling
  • Contact training (Stoped and Running)
  • Foundation handling drills
  • Intro to weave (Push Pull, Channel and Two by Two methods)

All new dogs wishing to join our class must do a foundation session first in which I will assess the dogs ability and fitness level. Please click here to fill in the contact us form to request this service.


Jet and Bailey with Wins 2013laughing final jump

bon bon with res certbreerock final with chester and bonbon

Chester 2nd placeNell grade 5

We train on weekends in the Winter and on various weeknights in the Summer. We have several teams of all sizes that we enter into the Crufts team qualifiers at various shows during year.