Puppy Training

Thinking of getting a puppy?

I offer home visits to prospective puppy owners who would like some advice on what to expect and how to prepare for twizz puppyhe new arrival of the furry kind. I can advise on the best breeds to suit your situation and how to ‘puppy proof ‘your home to make it a safe and secure environment for your new puppy when it arrives.

During the hour long consultation I will provide you with a written plan of action so you are well prepared. Please click here to fill in the contact us form to request this service.

Training your puppy

It is importNell on contactant to recognise that first impressions can have a lasting effect on your puppy. We have a very limited time to make these good first impressions so need to start our training early and carefully in order to get it right from the outset.



The stages of development your puppy will go through are:-

First 8 weeks - During these first weeks there are very important lessons that your puppy must learn from their mum and litter mates. For this reason you should never remove a puppy from their original homes before 8 weeks of age.

8–16 Weeks – This is the time when you will usually be picking up your new puppy.  Even before it has had all it’s vaccinations you should be socialising your puppy by carrying it around as many different places as possible to allow it to experience lots of different sights, sounds and smells.

4-6 Months – Suddenly your puppy takes it up a gear, becoming more mouthy (because it’s teething) and energetic. This is the time I usually get called in to help the new puppy owner with their puppy training.

Individual Puppy Obedience Sessions

Once you have your puppy home then you can book an individual training session in which I will go through all the basic skills and find a baseline on which to start your training from. I will provide you with a written plan of action to help you train and condition your puppies behaviour, developing their problem-solving abilities, mental agility and mental coordination. Please click here to fill in the contact us form to request this service.