Dog Training and Behaviour

Dog Training & Behaviour Assessment/Modification are two very different things. To help you decide which type of training you need please click here to fill in the contact us form with as much information about your dog as you can. I will then get back to you to recommend the correct program.

Behaviour Consultation and Adjustment

Dog Training and Behaviour

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • jumping-up to greet guests
  • pulling on the lead
  • excessive barking
  • house-training issues
  • lack of recall
  • separation anxiety
  • fear or phobia
  • resource guarding

We all want to have a positive, rewarding relationship between ourselves and our dogs, but sometimes ‘problems and issues’ get in the way. The difficult part is realising the cause of the ‘problems and issues’ that are getting in the way, because you can’t cure the ‘problem or issue’ without first curing the cause. That is where I come in, changing unwanted behaviours and creating happy, harmonious households.

Individual Obedience Sessions

If you are not sure what level of training your dog needs then you can book an individual training session in which I will go through all the basic skills and find a baseline on which to start your training from.

1 to 1 home visits

I will visit you and your dog in your home environment and talk through all the ‘problems and issues’ you would like to improve. These could be anything from basic training issues, such as jumping-up to greet guests, pulling on the lead, barking, house-training or recall, to more serious problems such as separation anxiety, fear or phobia, resource guarding, or other challenging behaviour.

The initial consultation for behaviour/training needs will usually last one hour. Please click here to fill in the contact us form to request this service.

During the initial consultation I will discuss such factors as the dogs diet, exercise regime, rescue or purchase history, medical history, daily routine, breed traits, training situation and surrounding factors.

Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour