Clicker Training

What Is Clicker Training?

Clicker training uses a sound, a click to be specific, to tell your dog when it does something right. The clicker is a small device which is held in your hand, with a metal tongue that you push quickly to make the sound. They can be used to train all kinds of animals such as dolphins, chickens, lions and of course dogs.

How and why it works?

In tech speak it uses behavioural psychology that relies on marking desirable behaviour and rewarding it. Which decoded means that it acts as a signal between you and your dog which tells it ‘well done, you are on the right track’.

Is it right for me and my dog?

Clicker Training

Basically everything that you want to train can be trained using the clicker method, often achieving much faster results. It also helps your dog to become a thinker and solve problems for itself using a training method called shaping. It is a great method for all ages from puppy to the older dog.

During an hour long 1 to 1 home visit for clicker training I will provide you with a written set of instructions to help you train your dog using this fantastic method. Please click here to fill in the contact us form to request this service.

After the initial visit I will be able to offer a series of sessions, which if booked as a block offer discount.